Light Therapy For Skin Disease

aka Narrowband UVB, UVA with psoralen

Phototherapy is generally safe for inflammatory skin disorders and is effective for various dermatological conditions, including but not limited to psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo.  

Phototherapy continues to be a valuable treatment option for a range of dermatological conditions, such as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, lichen planus, photosensitivity reactions, checkpoint inhibitor dermatitis, and more.

Increased risk for developing skin cancer is considered after >250 treatments.

Narrowband UVB is the most widely used phototherapy method. A typical treatment plan involves 30 sessions, with treatments given 2-3 times a week. Consistency and follow-up are emphasized. Itching tends to decrease between the 6th and 10th sessions. Around 80% of patients experience significant improvement.

After completing the initial treatment course, most patients with chronic skin conditions can sustain their progress with weekly narrowband UVB treatments.

Promising results have emerged for vitiligo patients with the approval of ruxolitinib 1.5% cream, especially when combined with narrowband UVB therapy.

In cases where biologics or oral treatments fall short in providing full relief, phototherapy can be considered as an additional safe and cost-effective therapy.

Photo Therapy is a cost-effective option, with an approximate annual cost of around $3600, which is significantly less in comparison to the higher costs of biologics like adalimumab $51,000, and others.

Patient autonomy is essential, and doctors should provide patients with all available options, including phototherapy, for making informed healthcare decisions.

Phototherapy remains a viable and cost-effective treatment with a high satisfaction rate, particularly for dermatological and inflammatory skin conditions.

Today, insurance companies are willing to pay for at-home UV therapy devices for patients who are unable to travel to office visits.

Psoriasis may be managed in the office and online by Board-certified Dermatologist


Narrowband UVB Light Booth